He Li, Guizhou Province, vice governor of Guizhou Coron research


He Li, Guizhou Province, vice governor of Guizhou Coron research

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  On January 8, 2018, He Li, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, headed the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Economic and Credit Commission, Provincial Health and Planning Commission, Provincial Food and Drug Administration Bureau, and other relevant departments in charge of "100 million" engineering enterprises - Guizhou Coron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to discuss the research, during the inspection tour of the workshop.

  At the symposium, Colin Ge Tao, deputy general manager, reported on the work of Colin, Guizhou on the industrial conversion project of the scientific and technological achievements of the upright polypropylene infusion bag. Zhu Jingsheng, director of the Company's market access department, Gong Zheng, a sales executive, and Zeng Yong, general manager of the base, respectively reported on the production and marketing situation, the current business conditions, existing difficulties and the need for help.

  The leaders of the research group's administration listened attentively to the report of the enterprise and fully affirmed the achievements made. They gave suggestions and answers on the demands of the enterprises.

  Vice Governor He Li made a concluding speech at the meeting, which can be summarized as follows:

  1, Affirmation and congratulation on the achievements of industrial conversion project of vertical polypropylene infusion bag technology achievements.

  2. We hope Guizhou Coron, as the leading enterprise in science and technology in the province, will continue to increase innovation investment in the future and will put more R & D projects of the Group into Guizhou and stay in Science City. The government department will provide one-stop scientific and technological services.

  3, enterprises should actively study to adapt to the trend of national policy, looking for development opportunities. Achieve quality assurance, streamline links, cost control, and strengthen their competitive advantages. The price control in a reasonable range, to ensure that drugs under the premise of a reasonable profit in the most direct way to the patient's hand.

  4, I hope enterprises to actively create conditions to explore the one-vote system, Provincial Health Planning Commission to speed up policy research to adapt to dynamic changes, and constantly improve and promote the work.

  In the end, Vice Governor He Li emphasized once again that he hoped Kelon Group could put more high value-added innovative products to go to Guizhou and that places would serve enterprises well and allow enterprises to start up their sleeves and cheer up!

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