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Kelun Overview

Kelun Overview

Kelun is a highly specialized innovative pharmaceutical group with annual sales revenue of over RMB 40 billion, including more than 100 enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd., Klus Pharma Inc. (Kelun, USA), KELUN-Kazpharm LLP (Kelun-Kazpharm) and Sichuan Kelun Medicine & Trade Group Co., Ltd., etc. In 2017, Kelun ranked 155th in China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises. In 2018, Kelun was awarded as Manufacturing Individual Champion Demonstration Enterprise by virtue of its global advantages in large volume injections. In 2022, Kelun ranked among the Top 3 in Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2010. At the same time, Kelun immediately launched the industrial investment plan of RMB 10 billion and initiated the development strategy of "Three Driving Engines and Innovative Growth". "Engine No. 1" - Kelun maintains its leading position in the area of IV Solutions through continuous industrial upgrading and restructuring product portfolio; "Engine No. 2" - Kelun creates a competitive advantage in antibiotics from intermediate, APIs to FPPs by innovative exploitation of quality natural resources; "Engine No. 3" - Kelun strives for longevity through the elaboration of R&D systems and diversified technology innovation.

In the field of IV solution, Kelun has achieved comprehensive industrial upgrading by driving profitability through high-end manufacturing and new materials , and possesses the strategic advantages of technical innovations and quality benchmarks. Kelun has established a closed liability system from drug R&D, manufacturing, logistics to end use, which ensures product quality and safety. The leading products have been exported in batches to more than 50 countries and regions with high reputation. Kelun's independently developed Collapsible PP Bottle (Uniflex®) with more than 20 patents, is an original invention both at home and abroad, and was awarded the State Science and Technology Advancement Award. Compared with traditional infusion, it boasts higher safety, cost-effective performance, and great application value in terms of less energy consumption and environment protection, representing the orientation of infusion products in China.  

Regarding the field of antibiotics, Kelun expanded to the west by founding Yili Chuanning Biotech Co., Ltd., producing erythromycin thiocyanate and cephalosporin series of intermediates. Through R&D tests, upgrading, optimization, innovative cooperation and introduction of advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, Chuanning was approved to establish State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Harmless Treatment and Resource Utilization of Antibiotic Residues, which solved the source issues of the antibiotic industry. In December 2022, Chuanning Biotech successfully went listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM(Growth Enterprise Market) and fully entered into synthetic biology.    

Since its inception, Kelun has invested billions of RMB in R&D innovations, established the National Enterprise Technology Center, the National Technology Research Center for Large Volume Injection Engineering, and the National-Local United Engineering Laboratory for Large Volume Injection. In 2022, Sichuan Kelun-Biotech Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ( a holding subsidiary of Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) was approved to establish the only “National Engineering Research Center of Targeted Biologics” in China by the National Development and Reform Commission. Up to now, Kelun has applied for more than 1,500 patents and obtained more than 500 patent authorizations. It has successively started the research and development for more than 400 major drugs in the fields of tumor, bacterial infection, parenteral nutrition and other diseases. Since 2017, with more than 20 drugs approved to list every year, Kelun has become a leading enterprise of Chinese generic drugs. It also has become a leading supplier of Chinese National Centralized Drug Procurement with a winning rate of over 90%. At the same time, nearly 20 first-in-class innovative drugs of the company have successively entered the stage of clinical research and production application, and over 10 innovation projects and patents have achieved the out-license to developed countries in Europe and America. These achievements represent that Kelun's drug research and development has successfully entered the virtuous circle of R&D input and output. In 2022, Kelun Biotech successfully signed three major authorized cooperation agreements with multinational giant Merck & Co., Inc., with a total contract value of nearly US$11.8 billion, which not only ranked first in the history of international authorization transactions in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, but also ranked first gloriously as one of the TOP 10 Biopharma Partnerships of 2022 by total deal value in the global pharmaceutical industry. By taking such a move, Kelun has established the industry position of the leading team in the field of innovative drug research and development in China. In July 2023, Kelun Biotech was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, marking the start of a new journey for Kelun’s innovative research and development and its global layout.

With the enterprise purpose of "Pursuing Truth in Science and Kindness in Ethics", Kelun has donated over RMB two hundred million to social public welfare causes, the Guangcai Program and charity causes, demonstrating Kelun's wealth values and sense of social responsibility, as well as an excellent private enterprise for its healthy development in market economy.