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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The First Chinese-Funded IV Solution Manufacturer that Passed Japan PMDA GMP Inspection 

Kelun knows clearly that the market prefers products with excellent quality. This is the essence of the market economy. Kelun strictly follows the grand quality concept of GMP regulations for medicinal products, learning and absorbing GMP management experience and quality awareness from top international companies. Therefore, all the production lines of Kelun have passed the GMP inspection of NMPA (previously called China FDA). In 2018, Kelun acquired the GMP Compliance Inspection Result Notification of Japan PMDA and became the first Chinese-funded IV solution manufacturer that passed the Japan PMDA GMP inspection in China. 

Grand Quality Management System

Kelun has established a grand quality management system from research and development, manufacturing, and logistics transport to end-use. This ensures product quality and safety, and Kelun has thus been identified as a quality benchmark for national industrial enterprises. Through billions of customers` word of mouth, Kelun has developed a rock-solid brand while maintaining its hold of top market share.