Zhejiang Guoguang new factory fully passed the GMP certification


Zhejiang Guoguang new factory fully passed the GMP certification

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  Recently, after three months of careful preparation, Zhejiang Goggles successfully passed the GMP certification twice in a row, laying a good foundation for the full operation of the new factory.

  In 2017, on the successful completion of the relocation project of Zhejiang Guojian, the certification and commissioning of the new factory were highly valued by the leaders of Coron Group. Group vice president Wu Zhonghua repeatedly stressed the importance of certification and the urgency of the new plant put into operation, and visit the site, organize thematic meetings, track the progress of work, give guidance and suggestions. Mou Chunlei, General Manager of Zhejiang Guozhuang, took the lead in setting examples and set an example for his deployment: From the hardware and software aspects, Mou Chunlei, General Manager and Li Honghai, Minister of Quality, took charge of the two sections and both sides raided and pushed forward comprehensively. Every day, the company organizes the heads of workshops, workshops and sections to hold certification preparation meetings and leads responsible personnel to inspect the site and track the progress. According to the different departments and workshops responsible for the work, the department heads and workshop heads take the first responsibility People, sign the "military order", one heart and one mind, all determined one-time full certification.

  To successfully pass the new factory GMP certification, the company all staff day and night, think good or not. Every morning morning sounded the Coroner's oath in the park oath sworn, late night night illuminated office area into a new landscape next to Coron Boulevard. Group quality control center, Engineering Department, Hunan Kelun, Hubei Kelun and other brother companies also gave the company a great help and support, especially the quality control center, many times the professional team to carry out the certification to carry out in-depth help , To ensure that the work of all-round promotion.

  According to the plan of relocation, certification and put into production of new factory, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration organized the expert group to Zhejiang Guojing in September and November 2017 respectively to carry out the preparation of mixture (including pre-treatment and extraction of traditional Chinese medicine), cefaclor Category), capsule (cephalosporins), large volume injection (non-PVC multi-layer coextrusion infusion bag, polypropylene infusion bottle, upright polypropylene infusion bag) certification. Certification experts after the relevant documents inspection and careful examination of the production site, gave a high degree of recognition of all the work, and pointed out valuable suggestions.

  The successful passing of the certification is the result of the strong support from the leaders of the group and the correct guiding principle. It is also the result of the joint efforts of all colleagues in Zhejiang Guojian, laying a good foundation for the full operation of the new factory of Zhejiang Guoguang and will further encourage the morale of all the officers and men , Toward a higher and more stringent goals and standards, to achieve the future development of Zhejiang National Mirror irreplaceable competitive advantage.

  In addition, Zhejiang National Mirror also help Zhejiang Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the new version of GSP on-site inspection.

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