Project cost advisory services tender notice


Project cost advisory services tender notice

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  According to the development needs of our company, we are proposing to invite bidding for the construction cost consulting service units for new construction, renovation (expansion) construction in 2018-2019. We sincerely invite qualified units, banks with good credit standing and good financial position, similar project performance and reputable unit participation tender.

  I. Overview: Completion audit of new construction, renovation (expansion) construction of Sichuan Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (subsidiaries) 2018-2019, list of projects, preparation of control price, etc.

  Second, the requirements: fair and just to protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners, according to the requirements of the tender unit to complete the corresponding work within the time.

  Third, the contents of the tender see the tender documents provided by the tenderer, but the bidder must be qualified after the tenderee to obtain the tender information.

  Fourth, the registration unit requirements:

  1, with independent legal personality;

  2, with the People's Republic of China Ministry of Construction issued a project cost Advisory Class A qualification certificate;

  3, to be responsible for the work of the national registered cost engineer qualification;

  4, the cost of consulting companies outside the province must have documented registration.

  5, this comparison does not accept the consortium selection application.

  Five, registration methods:

  The qualifications for the registration of a limited number of system, according to the registration conditions meet the conditions reported over 9 units after the deadline for registration.

  Six, credit documents:

  1, a letter of introduction and corporate authorization (commission) book, legal persons and the authorized person's ID card copy;

  2, a copy of the business license, copy of the organization code certificate, a copy of the tax registration certificate;

  3, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Construction issued a project cost Advisory Class A qualification certificate.

  Please submit the above credit information at the time of registration. We will verify the original copy and keep a copy of the fresh copy of the affixed unit. In case of emergency, the electronic version of the document is acceptable. If the application is for electronic version, the electronic version must be provided. The same original document, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid standard.

  Eight, registration related issues:

  Enrollment: From the date of publication to January 8, 2018 (8:00 am to 12:00 am and 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm) (except holidays) Overdue delivery or non-delivery within the specified time Location of the application documents will not be accepted.

  Registration Venue: 520 East Section of Industrial Avenue, Xindu District, Chengdu Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Engineering Equipment Department

  Contact: Liu Ying,

  Contact: 028-82988555 turn 5115

  Tender documents submitted to: Qinghua District, Baihua Road 36 Cologne Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Headquarters Finance

  Sichuan Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  January 2, 2018

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