Kelun medical insurance project bidding publicity


Kelun medical insurance project bidding publicity

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  According to the needs of the development of our company, inviting qualified insurance companies to participate in the Cologne insurance bidding. Welcome qualified, bank credit and financial status of good, reputable units to participate in the tender.

  First, the tender: The tender project for the Cologne insurance program, the tender for Sichuan Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

  Second, the scope of the tender: all property insurance, damage insurance machinery, environmental pollution liability insurance.

  Third, the insurance period: 2018-2019, a total of 2 years.

  Fourth, the contents of the tender: see tender information provided by the tenderer and other information, qualified after the qualification examination, the tender documents will be sent to the tender documents in the form of electronic documents to tender contacts.

  Fifth, bidder qualification requirements:

  5.1 The bidder must be established in the territory of the People's Republic of China. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) has approved the establishment of provincial branches of commercial insurance companies in the property and insurance business or above with registered capital of 5 billion yuan and above. The bidder shall have a business life of more than 5 years in Sichuan. The bidder shall have a business service institution at the place where the project is located (all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Tibet).

  5.2 Tenderers only accept the provincial level branch in line with the requirements of 5.1 requirements to participate in the bidding activities.

  5.3 Tenderee does not accept consortium bid.

  Sixth, the registration and the selection of selected units: The qualifications for the application of a limited number of registration system, according to the registration of 6 units reported after the deadline for registration. After the registration deadline, the tenderer first examines the qualification of each application and other information, and will inform the bidding unit about the qualified units. Unqualified audit unit will not be included in the scope of the tender.

  Seven, registration related issues:

  Registration time: from the date of hanging network within 5 days (8 am to 12 am, 14 pm to 17 pm).

  Enrollment Method: Enroll via email or register onsite.

  Enrollment must meet the following conditions: When applying, please send the registration documents to the email address of the receiver (and send it to 2 emails at the same time), and the registration documents must contain the relevant contents of Article 5 Bidder Qualification Requirements ), Otherwise, registration is invalid. Late submission or failure to submit e-mail will not be accepted.

  Registration Location: Sichuan Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Finance Department

  Contact: Li Rui, Liu free

  Tel: 028-82860518,028-82860672

  E-mail: 2885439815 @ qq.com, 2885439269 @ qq.com

  Eight, the qualification examination documents submitted Location: Baiyang Road, Qingyang District, 36 Coron Pharmaceutical Financial Department

  The bidding supervision by the Group Audit Department, the relevant contact information is as follows:

  Report Phone: 028-82860620

  E-mail: jubao@kelun.com

  Address: Qingyang District, Chengdu Baihua Road 36 Coron Group Audit Department

  WeChat public number: Clean Coron

  Sichuan Cologne Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  January 17, 2018

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