Mianyang Kelun medical trade to carry out the 2017 "Coron artisan" site assessment assessment activities


Mianyang Kelun medical trade to carry out the 2017 "Coron artisan" site assessment assessment activities

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  In order to carry forward the "artisan spirit," innovate the reform of the remuneration system, ensure that grassroots employees with skilled skills receive the skills upgrading and salary growth, and the selection of "Coronel Craftsmen" becomes the normalization work of the medical trade in Mianyang Corron. January 9, 2018, Mianyang Corun medical trade for a week of 2017 "Coron artisans" on-site assessment and evaluation activities come to an end.

  "Cullen artisans" appraisal in accordance with strict standards and strict processes, the selection ratio of 20% of the total number of employees in all departments. Mianyang Corun medical trade senior leadership team composed of a number of assessment went to the department examination room, more than 20 departments in 10 departments of more than 200 employees on-site assessment, quantitative score. This evaluation mainly focuses on the GSP terms and the basic skills required for each post. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical knowledge and skills of employees, including comprehensive written tests, skills operation and expression briefing. In the intense competition, the staff took the housekeeping ability, successfully completed their own assessment content, demonstrated a solid theoretical foundation and skilled job skills. The company will be combined with the Office of the assessment results of the assessment and monthly assessment score a comprehensive selection of this year, "Coron artisans."

  Ma Xiaohui, general manager of Mianyang Corlen Medical and Trade Co., Ltd., pointed out that the election of "Coron artisans" is the main way to raise the wages of grassroots employees who have good professional ethics, professionalism and skill. The company gives monthly fixed salary rewards and special labor insurance benefits to Coron artisans and encourages grass-roots employees to become "Coron artisans". While enhancing professional skills, the Company increases its own revenue and strives to ensure that 80% of the employees in the company become " Coron artisans. "

  The on-site assessment provides employees with a platform to learn and exchange skills and demonstrate their skills, inspire their dedication and enthusiasm for work innovation. In order to adapt to the rapid development strategy of the Company in the future, the Company will adapt itself to the new period, new tasks and new requirements High-quality workforce laid a solid foundation.

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