Yili Chuan Ning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. edible corn starch, maltodextrin, corn transport tender publicity


Yili Chuan Ning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. edible corn starch, maltodextrin, corn transport tender publicity

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  In order to improve the logistics and transport efficiency of our company, we are moving forward with the goal of being planned and streamlined so that the relationship between supply and demand can reach the ideal mode of cooperation so as to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win. The corn transportation is open for public bidding. Welcome qualified and bank credit And good financial position, reputable logistics companies to participate in the tender.

  First, an overview:

  1, edible corn starch, maltodextrin transport bidding (October 5, 2017 to June 30, 2018):

  2. In 2017, the planned bidding and receiving of corn is estimated to be 370,000 tons (from October 5, 2017 to October 31, 2018). Four suppliers will set up 19 grain storage and supply stores in the five counties of Yili Prefecture Point generation storage.

  (1) Four suppliers and received reserves are: Guan Tong biological 205,000 tons; Qi Sheng farmers 75,000 tons; all grain Huitong 80,000 tons; Xin Lee Nonghe 10,000 tons; (as shown below)

  (2) The 19 grain reserves are located in the five major counties of Yili Prefecture: Chabuchar County, Xinyuan County, Yining County, Huocheng County and Gongliu County.

  Second, "basic logistics information":

  2017 corn storage and transport volume

  Third, the contents of the tender: See Ili Chuanling Biotechnology Co., Ltd. corn transport bidding documents; selected units bring their own U disk copy electronic documents or send to the registration mailbox.

  Fourth, the bidder credit requirements:

  1, the prequalification required to bring the original copy of the following documents or stamped copy of the red card issuing authority:

  (1) corporate license (registered capital greater than or equal to 1 million yuan);

  (2) organization code certificate;

  (3) tax registration certificate (national tax and local tax);

  (4) the legal representative of the identity card and / or legal representative power of attorney and ID card;

  (5) road transport permit.

  2, there is sufficient ability to contract logistics and transport, good credit, there is no major illegal infringement records in business activities. And to ensure that the tender requirements of durability, security volume, timely and accurate completion of the bid to the station of the transport of goods. The bidding logistics company must have the financial, technical and managerial skills to perform the contract.

  Five, selected units to determine

  The tenderer first of all the registration unit qualification, performance, financial status and other comprehensive information on-site review, the review of qualified units will be informed bidding. Unqualified audit unit will not be included in the scope of the bid.

  Sixth, registration related matters

  Application time: from the date of hanging network within 5 days (9:30 to 13:30, 15:30 to 19:30)

  Enrollment Method: Enrollment by email and on-site registration

  Entries must meet the conditions of the application: Registration, please send the registration documents to the recipient's e-mail sent to the mailbox at the same time, and registration e-mail must contain Article IV "Bidder's credit requirements" in the relevant content, or registration as invalid.

  Registration Location: Ili Chuan Ning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  Company Address: Yingshan Township Almaty 516 Village

  Contact: Deng Fang Fang Zhang Yang

  Tel: 15894158211 18999396544

  QQ E-mail: 1186651355@qq.com 447482125@qq.com

  Ili Chuan Ning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  September 01, 2017

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