Kelun R&D


Innovation is the spirit of enterprise competition. Kelun has established the R&D team with more than 2000 researchers, introduced more than 200 leading scientists with international research experience in the field of generic drugs and innovative drugs in the global pharmaceutical industry, and quickly completed the construction of R&D system.

It established a research and development system including the Chengdu Research Institute at its core, Suzhou and Tianjin research branches and an American research branch serving as two parts of the R&D system. This is a new kind of R&D mode, which is led by domestic institutes with the help of foreign technology.

Kelun sticks to investing at least 10% of sales revenue in innovation every year and established the National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation. As of now, Kelun has applied for more than 4,000 patents, wherein over 2,000 patents got licensed. Moreover, Kelun has initiated the development of more than 500 critical drugs in multiple fields, such as tumors, bacterial infection, parenteral nutrition, etc. The license out of innovation patents of overseas markets indicates that Kelun's drug research and development has entered into a virtuous circle of "generics promote innovation, innovation drives the future" and then successfully marched towards the international market.