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Mianyang Koren awarded "Mianyang proud" of the top ten enterprises

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In October, fruit fragrance . October 13 , much social concern Mianyang first " Mianyang proud" of corporate contest results were announced : the top 30 heavyweight Mianyang Proud baked , Mianyang Cologne topped the list , and enter the top ten ! This is a proud and Mianyang Cologne celebrates , it marks the development of Mianyang Cologne entered a new historical stage.

The " Mianyang proud " Enterprise Award organized by the Mianyang Mianyang Evening and jointly organized by broadcasters and online media with the linkage , forming a strong interaction with the public coverage . Activities since August 19 starts, in just one month , attracting many people to vote in Mianyang , Mianyang, business and the public was hailed as " the Oscars of Mianyang economy " by the Mianyang community wide attention. Through Internet voting, paper ballots mailed , media evaluation, expert review , and many other aspects , Mianyang Cologne from 107 candidate companies stand to 230,000 Internet voting, 20,000 people mailed paper ballots won widespread praise and Mianyang identity, enter the " Mianyang proud" of the top ten companies ! Mianyang City, the only one to enter the top ten business enterprises , but also the top ten enterprises in Mianyang created the shortest, the fastest growing selected enterprises .

The Mianyang Koren into the " Mianyang proud" of the top ten enterprises , has been widely praised from all walks of life and warm congratulations. October 15 , the company held a celebration meeting , Mianyang Cologne chairman Ma congratulations word: " Mianyang honor Cologne , Cologne Group President Liu innovation is inseparable from the loving care and careful guidance , the company can not be separated all the staff for their hard work over the years , is also inseparable from Cologne headquarters and medical doctors trade Department of trade and fraternal units to our support . " Ma , chairman added: eight years, Mianyang Cologne remember Liu innovation officer inculcate , adhering to the "scientific truth , ethics seeking good " business philosophy , after the rapid development of enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility , actively engaged in Mianyang public welfare and livelihood-related government drug-related cause, Mianyang green health made outstanding contributions to the cause , has won recognition and Mianyang Mianyang city government unanimous praise from all sectors of society , people become familiar with the brand enterprises in Mianyang .

"The Columbine and Mianyang Mianyang Changhong, Kyushu and other famous enterprises both famous enterprises to enter the first group of Mianyang , Mianyang Cologne 's reputation and visibility have been greatly improved, the company's operating environment , development and construction will further accelerate ! " Finally, Ma , chairman of the departments and require the company to be like all the staff care for the eyes as cherish the honor , seize opportunities, take advantage of a favorable social environment for development , to work harder to accelerate development of the company , making the whole Sichuan Mianyang best one of the enterprises , the development of the Group for the Cologne and make greater contribution !

October 14 , " Mianyang Evening News" show special edition 11th edition and enterprise edition T4 selection results were reported and Mianyang Columbine "medicine by conscience , was enamored hearts and minds" of the deeds .

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