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  Coronel Group Human Resources Department objectives

  Closely focus on the Group's core work, vigorously strengthen the self-construction of the human resources management team to enhance the overall level of human resource management and work performance; promote the Group's strategic management of human resources restructuring and organizational change, take the initiative to provide all-round business departments Human resources services and training support; expand internal talent development and external talent gathering channels for the Group's sustainable development to do a good job of high-quality personnel reserves; give full play to the spirit and material advantages of Coron, fully mobilize all the positive factors, through the The selection, training, assessment, motivation and reasonable allocation of all kinds of talents create a world-class excellent team capable of pushing Coron's great cause forward.

  recruitment ads

  First, the details of each job position, please pay attention to the employment information in recruitment.

  Second, you can post your resume online.

  Third, we will handle your application in a timely manner, through resume screening of personnel we will contact you and arrange interview time. Declined to call to visit!

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