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Objectives of Kelun Human Resources Department

Focusing on the central work of the group, we will vigorously strengthen the self-construction of the human resource management team and comprehensively improve the overall level and work performance of human resource management.To promote the strategic transformation and organizational transformation of the group's human resource management, and proactively provide all-round human resource services and training support for all business departments;Expand the channel of internal talent growth and external talent gathering to reserve high-quality talents for the sustainable development of the group;Give full play to corun's spiritual and material advantages, fully mobilize all positive factors, through the selection, training, assessment, incentive and reasonable allocation of all kinds of talents, to build an excellent team with international standards, which can constantly push the great cause of corun forward.

Recruitment announcements
For details of the job vacancies, please pay attention to the recruitment information in the recruitment section.

We will process your application in a timely manner. We will contact you with the personnel selected through the resume and arrange the interview time. Please No calls!